A step by step guide to running Windows 10 on your M1 Mac without running Parallels

I recently invested in an M1 MacBook Air laptop (this is the exact spec I have) and have been seriously impressed with how fast it performs. I moved from Windows as my main operating system almost 10 years ago, but I like to have a Windows Virtual Machine for testing and running some non Mac applications. For the past few years I’ve been using VirtualBox without any problems and I love that it’s free.

VirtualBox installs on my M1 Mac, but only lists 32bit Windows, currently there is no support for ARM Processors (the M1 is an Arm processor but…

Hardening your iPhone

We give people a device that is always connected to the internet, can be used to purchase almost anything, yet we give them little guidance about how to secure it?

Are your credit cards stored on the phone? Passwords to websites? Any information you would not want other people to see? If the answer is yes, then please read on..

Most people take physical security pretty seriously. They have locks on their doors and windows. Some people have alarms and cameras to keep their home protected. They keep their valuables hidden away. When they leave they lock the door.


and other UK streaming services too

I wanted to prefix this article to say that this is for informational purposes only. If you are accessing the BBC Iplayer you need to have a TV license and accessing it outside of the UK may not be entirely compliant with their terms and conditions. I put this together as I wanted to prove that it was possible, but you can use this at your own risk

The Problem

I left the UK 7 years ago and whilst I do miss friends and family, I also miss British TV. The humor and quality of the…

And why you should too

Some Background on WhatsApp

With their first iPhone, back in 2009 Ukrain born Jan Koum and American Brian Acton built Whasapp. A simple messaging platform that allowed you to send instant messages on a smartphone using data instead as an alternative to SMS.

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Whatsapp allowed you to stay in contact with people all over the world in real time, safely and securely. Unlike other apps, they just kept things simple

“No ads, no games, no gimmicks,”

The other big focus of the app was privacy. In a 2014 interview Koum stated that this was due to his upbringing in Soviet Ukrain:

“I remember my…

Get setup using Terminal and your Kali live environment

I have an interest in security. Recently I wanted to investigate the security of my home network and knew that Kali would be the best tool for this. With VirtualBox and my USB WiFi adapter, I thought I was ready to go; but alas no.

After wasting hours trying to get my Wifi adapter working, I soon realized that a live USB instance of Kali would be a lot easier to work with. I downloaded Kali Live, copied the image to my USB drive and was able to boot to Kali and access my Wifi adapter. …

Six areas that have improved my working from home

Over the past few months I’ve had to make some changes to my leadership style in order to adapt to the pandemic. I wanted to capture what worked for me and has allowed me to continue to engage and connect with my teams.

I had a rough transition moving to work from home full time.

Having my apartment change from being just my home to also be my gym, favorite restaurant, move theatre and office almost overnight was not easy for me. There was no separation between my personal and professional life and I felt very disconnected from my team.

Keith Myers

British Tech guy living in LA. Tech evangelist, occasional nerd and fitness freak. Love mentoring people and believe everyone has the ability to change.

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